Monthly Archives: May 2016

Nano Server notes, Part SDK

I don’t have the dedication to it that PJ Naughter does, but when these variations on the Windows OS theme are released I’m interested in version numbers and product type flags, too. The last time I looked at Nano Server was with Windows 2016 Technical Preview 3 last year; now with TP5 out, I took a look at what the numbers say now:

WinNT Version 10.0.14300, Type 0x03, Suite 0x0110, ProductType 0x00000090, “14300.rs1_release_svc.160324-1723”

From left to right, that starts with OSVERSIONINFO(EX) data: major/minor version (10.0), build number (14300), product type (VER_NT_SERVER), and suite mask (the VER_SUITE_TERMINAL and VER_SUITE_SINGLEUSERTS … Read more

Nano Server notes, Part 2

Fixing the time zone in a “new” Windows VM guest always bugs me. This is one of those pet-peeves that fortunately only has to be fixed once. Changing the time zone in Windows was designed for the real world, where a mobile device physically changes time zones; Windows just changes the UTC-offset. In the virtual world, guests often start with the host time, but not the host’s UTC-offset; for new Windows VM guests that assume the BIOS clock is local time, we have to change both. Actually, the local time is correct and changing the UTC-offset messes up the … Read more

Nano Server notes, Part 1

Microsoft released Windows Server 2016, Technical Preview 5 (TP5) somewhere around the middle of last week and all I found time to do at the time was go download the ISO image from TechNet Evaluation Center.

My main curiosity is Nano Server; I missed TP4 (more or less) and last spent time with the TP3 release last year shortly after the Windows 10 RTM build. Nano Server has a smaller footprint than even a Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) build and given that it’s “headless” and 64-bit only, I was interested to see what types of my utilities would run. … Read more