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Locky, Cerber ransomware still expecting, targeting UAC

Today was a heavy spam day, with the bad guys installing Locky and Cerber crypto-ransomware (among other things) where they could. Ransomware like Locky and Cerber are novelties again after dropping off the mainstream news radar long enough, but they never left the stage. Today’s Locky and Cerber samples show they are still defeating the “Admin Culture” of Windows, even while they are targeting the minority of users that don’t run as full admins.

Locky and Cerber are still targeting User Account Control (UAC), but their success lies with users that are still running Windows XP or have turned off … Read more

“Oh no, not again.”

I got what I paid for: those Windows laptops were cheap, but then that’s because they were…cheap.

It isn’t just the crapware that has to be removed, some OEMs leave behind a nasty “birth defect” in the security of the Windows machine. ┬áTL;DR: if you’re going to lockdown that laptop you bought, do that first — it’s likely going to require a clean reinstall.

Duo Labs recently published a paper on current OEM practices in other areas of system security that nicely sums up the problem: “Bring Your Own Dilemma”

I bought two Acer laptops 3-4 years ago with Windows … Read more